Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learnshare?

Learnshare is a course communication platform. It acts as a virtual classroom where students can collaborate with instructors and other learners in both formal and informal ways, without ever having to step foot into a classroom.

Is Learnshare right for me?

Learnshare supports every kind of course ranging from higher education to cohort-based and online courses. Whether your course has 10 or 1000 students, is fully in-person or online, Learnshare can greatly improve communication and participation in your course.

Is Learnshare free?

Yes! Learnshare is 100% free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of students. Soon, we'll be offering an optional paid subscription tier, Learnshare Pro, for those who want even more out of their Learnshare course. We'll share more details on this soon!