Learnshare & FERPA Compliance

Learnshare is FERPA compliant. User privacy and security are our highest priority.

What steps does Learnshare take to ensure FERPA compliance?

We do the following two things to ensure we're FERPA compliant:

1) First, we classify all of the types of data users can create or store on Learnshare, and determine if users are using Learnshare to create or store Education Records.

Learnshare users encounter two features that includes Education Records protected by FERPA: the class list and polling, which are Education Records.

2) When students register for Learnshare, we receive their consent for us to store their Education Records, pursuant to FERPA 34CFR Part 99.31(a), by their agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Instructors own right, title, and interest to all Student Data provided or otherwise made available to Learnshare, and Learnshare does not own or license such data, except so as to provide our basic services.
We also allow for students to fully inspect all of the Education Records Learnshare has about them.
Students can also request for any Education Records pertaining to them to be destroyed.